Customization possible!

"Props & Beyond" and "The Morrigan's Engravens"

All articles from "Props & Beyond", as well as "The Morrigan's Engravens", can be alter in function of size, resolution and material.

Please contact us at with "Customization <article name>" in the subject line. Describe what you wish altered and we will send you a competitive offer.

  • All our FDM prints are standard in PLA at 0.2mm layerheight.
    Glow in the Dark PLA is also an option.
    Max. dimensions of our FDM prints: 300 x 300 x 400mm

  • Our resin prints are standard with Phrozen Aqua-Grey 8K, with a layer height of 0,022mm.  
    Max. dimensions of our resin prints: 165 x 72 x 180mm

  • LARP safe objects in EVA low, high and Ultra high density are also a possibility. These are CNC milled.

  • For metallisation we are also at your service. We mainly do copper plating, but silver and gold are options too on request.

  • 3D printed lithopanes are also an option with pictures of your own choice in square, round or halfround form.