3D Prints


  • Jewelry

    In this category you will find all our jewelry. These are standard printed in Phrozen 8K resin, unless stated otherwise or requested in a different material by the customer.

    Finishing by metalization (electroplating) or painting can be requested through email at offerte@the-morrigan.com.

    Standard these items come in grey material to be finalised by the customer.

  • Wands

    Here you can find our selection of magic wands

  • Wondrous Figurines


    Who doesn't love a good "elephant in a bag" ace up your sleeve! Even better if you can remember about having it in your equipment, when it stands bravely next to your statblock. Can be used for LARP as well.
  • Instruments

    In this categorie you will find our printed instrument props. These are NON WORKING versions for decoration purposes only!

  • Props

    Props that do not belong in another category

    Here you can find all our props that do not belong in any of the other categories.

  • Alchemy

    Here you can find our magical potion flasks and alchemy items.

  • Monster Trophies

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